Saturday, 25 June 2011

Memories of Childhood Sundays

What do you remember most about Sundays as a child?

I remember lazy days at home where Mum would occasionally do a mini spring clean of the house followed by a late soupy lunch that consisted of thick chicken broth filled with various vegetables and some meatballs thrown in.

On some evenings we would take a stroll or bike at the local lake where my brother and I would try out the various exercise routines littered along the jogging path.

Other days we would have our favorite Japanese at Bangsar Shopping Centre or brunch yumcha at the Shangrila Hotel. Dinners would generally be at our favorite steak place Jakes.

I never really gave these events much thought until recently.

Tomorrow we plan to take P to the playground then relax at home with a nice home cooked dinner. Sounds like any other given Sunday.

The thing is, as parents we don't just love, plan, educate, guide and provide for our children. We create memories that last a lifetime!

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